Our Summer Idea List (free printable!)😘

The title was supposed to be The Ultimate Summer Bucket List. But as Clare and I talked about it, my husband added that bucket lists sound like ‘To-Do’ lists to him. And he’d rather not have a to-do list during the summer.

Pretty sure his contribution to the items on our list was “throw out the bucket list.” 😂

FullSizeRender 86

And I get it. Because no one wants to feel guilty for not completing something. As Clare gets older and our obligations to be places increase (birthday parties, barbecues, summer parties, camp, maybe gymnastics classes?), the need to just relax and enjoy the laziness of summer also increases.

We refuse to feel guilt when we all fall asleep on the couch for the afternoon with some music playing in the background and the sun streaming in on us through the window.

It’s ok that we’re not outside. It’s ok that we’re not at the pool. It’s ok that we’re not blowing bubbles or flying a kite or learning how to ride a bike at the moment. Those things will happen when they happen. If we think of them and if they sound fun at that moment. So instead we have an idea list. With no guilt if something doesn’t happen. But if we happen to be looking for something to do, we can turn to this and grab an idea. Or two.

Get your Summer Idea List here. ❤️

Summer Idea


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