Welcome, Mama Zen!

Starting today, Mama Zen and The Gentle Parenting Institute are officially sharing space! Emelie Obrochta (Mama Zen) has been holding some wonderful classes at The Gentle Parenting Institute since early fall, and most recently has been doing Happy Hour on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Happy Hour is an hour of family yoga and coffee in a relaxed atmosphere.


I am SO excited to be sharing space with Emelie, and her vision of how she wants to serve moms, families, and children complements that of The Gentle Parenting Institute.

Emelie offers doula services and personal training. You can read about her services HERE.

Starting in January, Emelie will be offering MILF Club (Moms In Love with Fitness).

MILF Club is small-group training designed for moms, and sessions involve full-body workouts with an emphasis on resistance training and high-intensity intervals, featuring guest trainers and special events. There are Moms Only sessions, and Moms & Littles, where babies/toddlers are welcome to join in a carrier, stroller or to engage in open-play. (Funny story, when my mom saw me post about MILF Club on Facebook, she said in hushed tones “Kristen, do you know what that means?” Hahaha…yes, Mom…that’s the joke! 😉

You can sign up for MILF Club HERE!

Emelie and I are looking forward to collaborating on more programming, both in-person and online! Yaaaay!!!

You can also check out her Facebook page here!



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