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How We Avoid Punishing Our Children

I often see comments in gentle parenting boards asking, “If you don’t punish, what do you do?” Or, “There are definitely circumstances where punishments are necessary, right?” As a BCBA (Board Certified Behavior Analyst), I frequently have to hold back from defining the term ‘punishment’ because I know that’s not exactly what folks mean. I… Read More How We Avoid Punishing Our Children


Who benefits from ‘time-out?’

You. You (the parent/caregiver) benefit from sending a child to time out. You’re the only one who does. Let’s face it, it gives you a reprieve from whatever ‘bad’ behavior they were engaging in… a chance to clean up the huge mess made with the toilet paper and shaving cream.  But don’t think it’s actually… Read More Who benefits from ‘time-out?’