Give Back to GPI

The Gentle Parenting Institute needs your help!

We’re on a mission to promote respectful, peaceful, and nurturing relationships between parents and children.

We know that when we model positivity, empathy, and peaceful problem-solving, our children grow to be respectful, kind, and empathic adults.

But parenting doesn’t come with a handbook, and many parents experienced childhoods that were not peaceful, making it difficult for them to overcome trauma and be the parents they want to be for their own children.

Using behavior science, knowledge of child development and appropriate expectations, and drawing from child-centered philosophies, methods, and practices, The Gentle Parenting Institute teaches, supports, and encourages parents in their journey to raising the next generation that will continue to bring peace to our world.

Your contribution supports SO MANY THINGS! Whether you can give $1 or $100, know that you’re giving back to the larger parenting community. Funding goes towards more parent-support programming, speakers, community advocacy, upkeep and maintenance of the website, our studio located in Western New York, training opportunities for our providers, and free classes for parents who may struggle to afford them.

Here are just some examples of what your contribution can pay for:

$5 – Paper towels or paints for our Creative Toddler Play sessions

$29 – 1 month of website/email maintenance

$40 – 1 month of insurance

$60 – Peace Begins at Home Class for 1 family

Consider making your next tax-deductible donation to The Gentle Parenting Institute, Inc.

“Children do not learn to be respectful unless they are respected as the whole humans they are, complete with unique personalities, wants, needs, and desires.  Respect for the child as she is today is of the utmost importance.” ~Kristen MacNeil, President