Private Consulting via phone or Skype:

Private consulting is available, and provides you with support and guidance you need to create the kind of peaceful home environment you are seeking.  This is a collaborative process, and together we will identify the areas of need, establish goals, and develop an action plan for attaining those goals.

Initial consultation is between 30-45 minutes and is free.  After the initial consultation, appointments will typically run 45 minutes.  Parents should expect to schedule between 4-6 sessions (but this is at the discretion of the parents). Sessions are scheduled on a monthly or bimonthly basis.  Weekly sessions can be requested.

Appointments can be held over the phone or online via Skype from the comfort of your own home.

Email contact between sessions is always free. Unlimited email contact will be available for two weeks after last session if no other future session is scheduled.

Cost for each session is $50 (with the exception of the initial consultation).

Email Consulting:

Email consultation is available on a monthly basis. This will typically include 3-5 emails per week, or as little or much as your situation warrants. Cost is $35 per month.

As always, community support is freely available on the Gentle Parenting of WNY Facebook closed group.

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3 thoughts on “Consulting

  1. I contacted Kristen a couple of months ago because I needed some guidance to change some of my 18-month-old son’s behaviors.
    Kristen was very nice, understanding, patient, supportive and empathetic. She was also very knowledgeable and immediately developed a plan for us to work on. As soon as I started following it, we started seeing some changes. Other changes took a bit longer, but Kristen had told me it was going to be like that and everything happened the way she had predicted, so I knew I was going the right path following her advice.
    It was great to work with her not only because I saw the results I was looking for, but also because I felt supported the whole time, which made everything easier. She was a great reference for me and it was very reassuring to work with her! I highly recommend it!

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