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Connection is KEY (also…free printable!)

My 3-year-old daughter stood up from the potty and slowly started peeling one square of toilet paper away from the roll. The baby was fussing in the other room and I knew he wanted to eat. Ohmygosh hurry up! I shouted in my mind. She was tired, and no one in the house had been… Read More Connection is KEY (also…free printable!)


Creative Play for Toddlers ~ Winter Session, Week 1

We had a blast at Creative Play today! Some new friends joined us this morning, and we ended in time before the snow started falling. 🙂 We painted with sticks, using green and yellow paints. I have a few different brands of paints that we use, but I really like Melissa and Doug Poster Paint.… Read More Creative Play for Toddlers ~ Winter Session, Week 1


The Gratitude Project

As we head into the New Year and put 2016 behind us, I just want to thank you all for another amazing year. For being incredible people, and phenomenal parents. For believing in me, and us, and this project of parenting gently, respectfully. For supporting each other, for being fearless, and courageous. It takes courage… Read More The Gratitude Project


Happy 2nd Anniversary!

Today marks the 2nd year of my absolute favorite Facebook group, and the beginning of this whole project, Gentle Parenting of WNY. I continue to be so amazed and proud of the community in this group! After having my daughter over 3 years ago, I began searching for a parenting group that not only fit… Read More Happy 2nd Anniversary!


Using the Potty…and other things my 3-year-old knows how to do but won’t.

I can’t tell you how often I’ve heard parents say, “But he KNOWS how to do this. He just won’t.” I’ve even begun to think this same thought for a whole slew of things my daughter knows how to do… going to the potty cleaning up toys washing hands brushing teeth how to touch the… Read More Using the Potty…and other things my 3-year-old knows how to do but won’t.


Gift Ideas for the Whole Family :)

Yesterday I watched a video on Facebook of a news channel that went live trying out one of those new Hatchimals. Apparently, this is the hot toy this year. These little guys come encased in a shell, and you have to care for it till it’s ready to hatch, then care for it after it… Read More Gift Ideas for the Whole Family 🙂


Respect vs. Indulgence

I’ve had to be firmer with my three year old recently. I despise it when I snap and yell, and that happens when she’s acting a bit out of sorts, like doing something harmful after I’ve already told her to stop and why, or when we’re trying to get ready to go somewhere and she… Read More Respect vs. Indulgence


The Santa Secret

This came across my feed, and I thought it was really sweet (it brought tears to my eyes). I prettied it up a little! If anyone is aware of the source, let me know!


The #1 Thing To Do To Be a Gentle Parent

There’s a whole list of things to remember, to do, to be, in order to feel like you can call yourself a Gentle Parent. That list can include things like being respectful, apologizing when you’ve made mistakes, recognizing what sets you off, and learning ways to handle certain challenging situations. I even give three things… Read More The #1 Thing To Do To Be a Gentle Parent