1518147_733214553358223_1070543280_oHi!  My name is Kristen and I am a BCBA (which stands for Board Certified Behavior Analyst) with a background in School Psychology.  This just pretty much means I know a little bit about behavior, and a little bit about child development…among a few other things.

In 2012 I was pregnant with my first little one. I was super nervous about a lot of things (like, you know, any other first-time pregnant female). Many of those things revolved around the stress of feeding, sleep training, potty training, disciplining…etc.  Everything I thought I knew just seemed so…harsh. Rigid. Not… me. I skimmed through some mainstream parenting books and immediately put them down. Just the stress I felt reading them was enough to make me feel like a baby was a burden, not the small, amazing human I was miraculously bringing into existence (with my loving husband, of course).

When I had my little darling I decided I would parent her by instinct. After all, parenting books didn’t always exist, right? My daughter had trouble sleeping on her own, so I brought her into bed with us. I was terrible at maintaining feeding schedules, so I simply nursed her whenever she seemed hungry. Naturally, I was questioned about some of my decisions and I figured I should look for some things, like research or articles, to back me up.  That’s when I stumbled across The Other Baby Book: A Natural Approach to Baby’s First Year, by Megan McGrory Massaro and Miriam J. Katz. I felt so validated in everything I had been doing. More searching led me to other folks promoting positive parenting, gentle parenting, attachment parenting, and so on.  I loved it.  It felt so natural, because it WAS natural. It was parenting instinctually.

I also started noticing that behavioral science was the undercurrent of parenting this way. And I just so happen to know a little about that… So this leads me here… My journey in Gentle Parenting, using behavior analysis methodologies as tools to help me be the parent I want to be. I really hope you find my posts useful, helpful, and encouraging. Thank you for visiting!

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