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Winter is starting to kick our butts…

We’ve been skirting around this awful flu season… seemingly always on the brink of illness. Everyone in my house has been extremely fortunate to have (so far) avoided something serious. Some sniffles here, a mild fever and ear infection there… but we’ve been lucky. (Knock on wood.) Still. Winter is starting to kick our butts.

I’ve been upping our intake of garlic, cinnamon, I introduced more turmeric into our diets a few months ago… we drink our red juice almost daily, and occasionally we take elderberry syrup (I’d love for that to be more frequent but it’s gross).

I also diffuse my oils daily.

I’m a big believer in using whatever oil ‘speaks’ to you on that particular day. Or… whatever you feel like you need when you unzip your oils case or peek up into your oils cupboard.

So, with some noses running and coughs starting… I pulled out whatever jumped out at me and threw it all in the diffuser. It’s a hodgepodge of stuff… but it smells amazing.

I’m calling it “Spring is Almost Here but Winter is Still Kicking Our Butts.”

Here you go!




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