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Let’s talk about Losing It

A couple weeks ago I teamed up with Nicole from Svanur and Moon Mother Doula Services to talk about LOSING TEMPERS: what it looks like, what to do after, and how to prevent them.

*Fun tidbit: why do we call it “losing my temper” when we can’t control ourselves, but when our littles ones are struggling we say they’re having a “temper tantrum?” For us, it seems more innocent…like we aren’t in control of what happens and aren’t at fault. We’ve lost something. Oops. Now we need to get it back.

But with our kids, THEY are actively doing something: having a tantrum. This language outs the blame solely on them, as though they can control it.

Interesting, right?

So yes, your 4-year-old can lose her temper at the same time you’re throwing a temper tantrum.

Whatever you call it, losing your temper or temper tantrum, make sure it’s the same for both you and your child. We’re all equal here, and we all lose it sometimes.


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