The Gratitude Project

As we head into the New Year and put 2016 behind us, I just want to thank you all for another amazing year. For being incredible people, and phenomenal parents. For believing in me, and us, and this project of parenting gently, respectfully.

For supporting each other, for being fearless, and courageous.

It takes courage to do things differently, to learn something new. It takes courage to change the world. And fellow moms and dads: that’s exactly what we’re doing.

We’re changing the world.

2017 will have a theme: Self-care.

Because only when we take care of ourselves, and make ourselves a priority, can we be the parents – the people – we want to be.

Having gratitude is an essential part of that self-care.

Gratitude is absolutely vital to maintaining self-care routines, noticing the positive changes you’re making within yourself, and noticing the wonderful growth you see in your children and family.

I’d like to start a gratitude project for this year. Care to join me?

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