Happy 2nd Anniversary!

Today marks the 2nd year of my absolute favorite Facebook group, and the beginning of this whole project, Gentle Parenting of WNY. I continue to be so amazed and proud of the community in this group!

After having my daughter over 3 years ago, I began searching for a parenting group that not only fit my parenting style, views, and values, but also shared good, solid and backed-by-science advice on behavior. I wanted something that didn’t spread false information, or techniques that went against my instincts as a mother. And at the time, I could not find a local group (local to me) that fit the bill. 

So. I created one. And I was VERY nervous doing it. I was afraid to moderate a group that would end up discussing extremely touchy subjects like CIO and physical punishment. I was nervous that discussions and threads would turn ugly (like I had seen happen in other groups). I knew moderating a Facebook group takes work, and I wasn’t sure I wanted to take on that responsibility. Because running a successful and informative group IS a responsibility. 

And I consider this group to be successful. 

It’s successful because of the amazing members that provide such valuable advice and have such an incredible range of experience. 

It’s successful because of the administrators that model the gentleness and respect that we strive to have with our children, and make sure that questions and concerns posted always get answered. 

It’s successful because even after 2 years, it’s still growing. It’s still the group I turn to when I need a reminder that I’m not alone in this parenting thing. It’s still the work I love and never grow tired of thinking about. 

I’ve made some incredible friends and met some really phenomenal people. We have members from all over the country, and this project has expanded to include a website, classes, and a long-running book club. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you. The group and this entire project would not be possible without it’s members and readers. Happy 2nd anniversary to all of us, and here’s to many more!