Gift Ideas for the Whole Family :)

Yesterday I watched a video on Facebook of a news channel that went live trying out one of those new Hatchimals. Apparently, this is the hot toy this year. These little guys come encased in a shell, and you have to care for it till it’s ready to hatch, then care for it after it hatches. The poor woman on this video who was charged with the task of getting this egg to hatch on Facebook Live spent over an hour holding, rubbing, turning, and gently pulling at the shell. I didn’t even wait to see it hatch. Regardless, this seems like a really sweet idea, and if the price was reasonable maybe I’d consider getting it for my daughter. But at $60, I don’t think so. If you haven’t seen one of these Hatchimals, check them out here.

Oh, did you notice they aren’t even being sold for $60 anymore??? The lowest price is $243!

So. If you don’t feel like dropping $243 for one small toy, check out this list. These are things we’re purchasing for our family this year:

For our 3-year-old:

Balance Bike ($45). She has a tricycle, but she hasn’t been into bikes much and we’re hoping to spark her interest a little bit. She was getting discouraged with pedals this past summer, so a balance bike will hopefully be a nice way to get her riding and learning.

Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls, 100 Tales of Extraordinary Women ($20). I watched this book several months ago on Indiegogo as it raised over $1 million to be printed. I purchased the actual book, it arrived today and looks fantastic! I’m excited to read these stories of smart, courageous women to her!  Check out the video promotion here.


This year we’ve been remodeling some bedrooms, and although Clare sleeps with us (we have a family bed), we’re thinking she may be ready soon to move into her own room. We’ve been working on getting it ready for her, and Dad will be making her a bed for the new mattress we purchased, along her own special Frozen bedding ($39).


My husband is also hoping to make her a new kitchen set. She loves playing with her toy food and dishes, but we hadn’t yet gotten her a kitchen since our house is small and we tend to shy away from large toys. But, she’s recently had the opportunity to play with friends’ kitchen sets and she absolutely loves them. If he doesn’t get a chance to make it, we have our eye on this one ($109):


And bubble bath… Ever since I was little I’ve been wary of bubble baths because my mother and sister have very sensitive skin. We’ve always been careful about products we put on or use (this is a huge reason why I use essential oils and make my own body products). But the occasional bubble bath is super fun, and the soaps we tend to use just don’t produce satisfying bubbles. I searched a few blogs and reviews and found this bubble bath: Alaffia EveryDay Shea Moisturizing Bubble Bath with Lavender. (I’m excited to see how it works!)


For our 4-month-old (even though I’m sure it’ll be the 3-year-old that’s opening his gifts for him!):

Lacrosse Stick ($20). My husband is really into lacrosse, and coaches a team, and our daughter received her first stick on her first Christmas. So, tradition. 😉


Skwish Rattle and Teether ($9). We have lots of really sweet wooden toys and puzzles from when Clare was a baby, but there are a few things I’ve been wanting to get the baby. Such as rattles, like this one:


And this one: Mini Bell Rattle ($12)


And some other sensory toys, like this Textured Multi Ball Set ($9)


I also really love Barefoot Books and Usborne Books, and this year I’ve ordered a couple things that are essentially for both kids from Barefoot Books (the wonderful Barefoot Ambassador I purchase through is Alyce Thorp, who also is the owner of The Backyard Atelier, an outdoor play school…check it out!):

worldatlas_hc_w.jpg    YogaPretzels_W.jpg    yoga-planet_box_fc_w_1.jpg

For the adults:

My husband has been really into coffee (he grinds the beans and everything) the last couple years, and his gift last year was this really neat Chemex Glass Coffee Maker ($46), which he uses everyday:


This year, he got himself a new coffee grinder ($100, but you can get a discount on this one if you go through Kickstarter):


And I’m getting him a coffee subscription for his new favorite coffee from a local coffee roaster, Public Espresso ($45).


My dad recently mentioned that reading books has been hurting his eyes. I asked him if he’s ever listened to an audiobook, and he said no. So, for Christmas this year we’ve gotten him a Fire tablet. Along with some nice headphones, he’ll be able to listen to all the books he wants. We purchased this on Black Friday, but it’s still a good price right now ($50).


I’m pretty sure my Dad won’t be reading this post, so I’m confident he won’t see this, but I can’t say the same for my Mom or siblings so I’m just going to include a short list of other adult gifts we’re doing this year. Without including who they may be for.

Trial Yoga Membership (I like Shine Yoga in Hamburg, NY)

Trial for Mama Zen workshops (also in Hamburg, NY)

KEEP Collective bracelet and charms (I go through Designer Melissa Heinrich)

I’m making some yummy sugar scrubs and rollers with essential oils.

Giftcards for iTunes, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon.

…and that’s all I can think of at the moment! I’m not entirely finished with my shopping, but for the first time in years I can say (on December 10th!!) that I’m nearly finished! Woohoo!