Week 1: Creative Play for Toddlers

I should have started these posts sooner, but better late than never! Here are all the fun things we did at Creative Play for Toddlers, Week 1!

We’ll be painting with different materials through the coming weeks, and this week we used chopsticks:

chopstick painting.jpg


We sang the Good Morning song:

“Good morning, Daniel,

Good morning, Daniel,

Good morning, Daniel,

We’re glad you’re here today!”

And we sang Mr. Froggy:

“Mr. Froggy, came out one day

Said hi there, Ben, would you like to play?

Ben said hi Froggy, how do you do?

Yes, I’d like to play with you!”

We read Hello, World! And the kids loved trying out the different languages.


And, of course, we played 🙂



Interested in joining us? You still can! Go here!