How to Make a Waldorf Hand Kite

These are super easy and fun to make for little ones! I’ve made several of them over the past couple years, and this time my 3-year-old actually got into it and wanted to help me:

Materials needed:

2″ wooden ring (I use these ones)

3/8″ ribbon, different colors (like these)

Directions (these are so simple):

  1. Choose which colors you want (as many or as few as you’d like). You can do themes (I’ve done the seasons, which turned out very pretty), and the theme we did this time was Fall. I brought out red, pink, yellow, brown, and orange and let my daughter pick which she wanted.


2. We measured out the ribbon, using our arms (you can make the ribbon as long or as short as you’d prefer).


3. Then threaded the ribbon through the ring, sliding the ring to the halfway point of the ribbon.

threaded ribbon.jpg

4. Tied the ribbon in a knot (this is so easy, right?)…


5. Repeated steps 2-4 for as many colors as she wanted.

And then I sent her outside to run. πŸ™‚


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