Favorites from this past week! 9/24/16

Happy Saturday! Here are some interesting, and helpful things from around the internet this past week:

Skill-Building Approaches to Anxiety-Fueled Work Avoidance – “Behavior is a way of communicating, and a symptom of an underlying problem. In my experience, when you dig into the roots of work avoidance, you find skill deficits in initiation, persistence, self-monitoring and/or help-seeking behavior. These are the cornerstone skills necessary to overcome the stress, anxiety and perceived or actual difficulty associated with a task.”

Hey teachers, behavior charts are not the problem. Here’s why – Remember when I posted this article on using classroom behavior charts in our Facebook group? I had asked you for your thoughts, and had also asked to you remember that behavior charts weren’t inherently evil, and that the article pointed out all the inappropriate ways of implementing one. Well. I had started to write a post on using class-wide behavior management systems to go along with the one I wrote for parents (Behavior Charts…if you’re going to use them, here’s how), but this BCBA has already written a great article in response, so I’m sharing it with you! (AND, she’s not just a BCBA but also a School Psychologist! Same as me!) 🙂

Take a Time Out from Time Outs – This is timely since I’m offering a segment on using time-outs (well, NOT using them) in my new class series launching next week. Check it out! Respectful Discipline for Toddlers and Young Children Workshop Series

How sweet is this? >> Veggie Rainbow Pinwheels


And last, my daughter and I made these Waldorf Hand Kites! She loves them. 🙂 Learn how to make them here.