Favorites from this past week! 9/15/16

Good morning! It’s Thursday and we’re about to head into the weekend!

Here are a few things I’ve found this week that I thought were worth the read…let me know what you think.

Empower the Child Through Language ~ this is a really sweet article on the importance of using real names and words (as opposed to made up, simpler ones…or ‘baby talk’). Don’t underestimate the ability of your child in understanding large words and complex meanings! Our 3-year-old often uses words such as frustrated, ridiculous, officially, and others, and uses them appropriately.

Harsh Parents Raise Bullies — So Do Permissive Ones ~ a short and to-the-point article from Scientific American highlighting some research on what many of us already know: the behavior you model to your children is what they’re going to learn.

5 Vital Skills Many Kids are Not Being Taught ~ From making a meal from scratch to organization, what are your thoughts? Do you feel inadequate in some of these areas?


I just saw this meme this morning, and really loved it. Let’s teach our small humans to be courteous and kind to other humans, no matter the other humans’ looks or abilities:


Aaaand…I’ll also be making this very soon…


(If you’re looking for these oils to make this yummy creamer, too, go here!)