“Your daughter has a great vocabulary”

People are often telling me that my 2.5 year old has a great vocabulary.  Of course, I swell up like the proud mama I am when I hear this, even though sometimes I can’t tell if the person is being genuine or if it’s a backhanded way of telling me she is very outspoken, and a bit loud (with no filter yet).

I like to think everyone is being genuine.  😉

But there’s a flip side to this “great vocabulary” that often leaves me wondering if I should just stop speaking around her altogether in the hopes she doesn’t pick up any more vocabulary and even lose some of the words/phrases she does know.  I’m not even referring to swear words. This girl embraces sarcasm. At least, that’s what it seems like, I’m sure she doesn’t know how to actually be sarcastic, but… I wonder…

The other night, we watched a show and I told her we’d be going to bed when it was over.  She whimpered a little, and whined a bit when the show ended and the TV went off. Then she informed me that she had to brush her teeth and the teeth of her elephant.  Fair enough, you’re absolutely right we should brush our teeth. So we brushed our teeth. I brushed elephant’s teeth. Then she insisted she wash her hands. Good, yes, washing hands is a good thing, please go ahead. I finally coax her out of the bathroom by telling her that elephant needs to be put to bed. We pass by the kitchen where she exclaims she needs cheese and orange juice. (?? Well, that’s a gross combination, not to mention toothpaste was recently involved…) My stomach hurts, and all I want to do is lay down. So I give my husband a ‘look’ and tell him I just need to lay down.  He shoos me away and steps in to get Clare her snack. I’m a little miffed at myself for not having more patience at this point and just getting Clare her snack so we can get upstairs, and I’m a little miffed at Clare for continuing to stall since she obviously does not want to go to bed yet. I decide to make one last stand with her, this petite toddler who is now sitting on the kitchen counter with elephant telling Daddy which cheese she prefers.

“Clare, my stomach hurts. I do not feel good and I need to lay down. I am going upstairs to bed.” Sometimes, when things like this are said, she decides she actually doesn’t want that particular parent to leave her and will beg to be taken along. Since she was getting food, I figured trying it was a long shot, but she totally could have said, “No mommy take me with you!” and happily gone upstairs with me.

Instead, my little angel looked at me with unconcern and you know what she said?

“Ok. Don’t hurt yourself.”


In other words, don’t let the door hit you on the way out. As if the words weren’t snub enough, she even slid her eyes back to my husband as she said it. Effectively shutting me out and down. The ultimate “I don’t give two peanuts” in body language.

While my husband is laughing and shrugging his shoulders, I’m standing there wondering how a toddler can make me feel 6 inches tall.

“Your daughter has a great vocabulary.” Oh I know. I’m very nervous for my future self.

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