Gentle Parenting: Behind the Scenes

A new series for learning about the science of behavior, and how you can apply it to your daily life! Having an understanding of WHY things happen, and HOW you can handle it helps relieve much of the stress that comes with raising children. So you can focus on nurturing those relationships with your kids, and helping them grow from being wonderful babies to wonderful adults.

These are quick, easy to follow classes that you can view any time. Each one is just $5. You can view the first one here:

finding the why


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The Gentle Parenting Institute promotes peaceful, respectful, and nurturing relationships between parents and children, with a focus on supporting fellow parents in learning how to manage the behavior of themselves and their children through the use of behavior science, knowledge of child development and appropriate expectations, and through methods/philosophies/practices such as Attachment Parenting, RIE, Montessori, Waldorf, Reggio Emilia, and others.

Positive discipline techniques such as time-in, redirecting, and reinforcement of appropriate behavior, etc. are promoted and encouraged.

Discipline and parental techniques that are punitive are not promoted or encouraged.  These include:

  • spanking, slapping, smacking, hitting, or any other means of physical discipline
  • seclusion or traditional time-out
  • threatening
  • shaming
  • any other technique that demeans and/or disrespects the child

Children do not learn to be respectful unless they are respected as the whole humans they are, complete with unique personalities, wants, needs, and desires.  Respect for the child as she is today is of the utmost importance.


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